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Represents the inclusion of individuals from all backgrounds in NSPU, regardless of their race, ethnicity, religion, gender, gender identity, disability, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status.

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Created in 2020, the National Soccer Player Union, commonly known as NSPU, is the foundation that represents and defends the rights of all players playing in the United States. NSPU, headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, has 18 board members (including lawyers, dietitians, sports doctors, sports journalists, and former players), six candidate members, and three observers.

To establish soccer as a flagship sport for social integration and education in the United States.

The foundation believes that access to soccer is a fundamental right for every child and adolescent. Through our foundation, NSPU aspires to offer equal opportunities to children and adolescents in soccer, so that through the sport they can flourish mentally and physically, while acquiring social and sports values.

Positive values that organizations like NSPU aim to teach through Soccer include:

• Teamwork: Learning to work together with others toward a common goal. This involves communication, cooperation, trust and support for each other.

• Respect: Treating others with dignity and being considerate of different backgrounds, abilities and perspectives. This includes respecting rules, opponents, teammates and officials.

• Fair play: Following the rules and spirit of the game, competing with integrity and demonstrating good sportsmanship even in defeat.

• Solidarity: Caring for and helping others. Looking out for the interests of the team as a whole, not just oneself. Being inclusive of all players.

• Tolerance: Accepting differences and being open-minded toward others. Refraining from prejudice and discrimination.

• Inclusion: Ensuring all players feel welcome, valued and able to participate fully regardless of their abilities or backgrounds. An inclusive environment fosters a sense of belonging.

• Responsibility: Taking accountability for one's actions and decisions, both on and off the field. This includes being a good role model and ambassador for the sport.

Those are some of the core positive values that NSPU hopes to instill through using soccer as an educational and social tool for youth development. The idea is that soccer can be so much more than just a game - it can help shape character and build a more just, tolerant and united society. 


Caring for and helping others. Looking out for the interests of the team as a whole, not just oneself. Being inclusive of all players.


Accepting differences and being open-minded toward others. Refraining from prejudice and discrimination.

We help parents

Our foundation aims to help parents of youth athletes. We provide guidance and advice for supporting children who play sports. Our goal is to equip parents with knowledge to make their child's athletic experience positive and enjoyable. We offer parenting workshops, online resources, and a community for parents to connect and share tips. Sports should be fun for kids, and we want to assist parents in keeping it that way.

Anyone Can Be a Volunteer.
Also You

Our foundation's mission is to promote the values of soccer: fair play, respect,
and team spirit. We work to develop soccer as an educational and social tool for young people.

Our philosophy is for everyone. We promote access and participation in soccer for all, without any form of discrimination.

Our mission is to use the popularity of soccer to change behaviors and bring social and educational added value.

We organize events and initiatives to encourage young people to play soccer in a responsible and supportive manner. We also lead workshops on fair play principles to teach young people how to manage competition in a healthy and inclusive way.

Soccer is a game. We oppose any form of violence, racism, and discrimination. We promote a strong message of openness, fraternity, and respect for diversity.

In summary, our foundation uses soccer as a means of teaching positive values to young people: teamwork, respect, solidarity, tolerance, and inclusion. We firmly believe that sport, and particularly soccer, can have a positive social impact on youth.

How Can You Help?


Program High-School

Our foundation can assist schools with their football-study programs through our methodology. We offer schools guidance on implementing effective football-study programs that support academic achievement. Our expertise can help schools maximize the benefits of combining football and learning.


Summer Camps

Our foundation provides free football skills development for young players over the summer break. We offer summer camps and training programs to help improve players' technique, fitness and game knowledge at no cost to families. Our goal is to give all youth the opportunity to enhance their football skills during the summer months.


Study support

Our foundation offers free academic support for youth footballers to help catch up on studies. We provide tutoring and homework help from teaching assistants at no cost to families. Our goal is to ensure young players have the academic foundation to continue their soccer and education journeys, removing financial barriers to success.


"Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to unite people in an almost unique way."

Nelson Mandela


Our foundation organizes sporting events that serve to raise donations for our cause. We host athletic competitions to gather funds through donations from the public.


millions of Fans in United States


millions of players between 12-25


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  • The CEO (Chief Executive Officer) is Paul Sanchez Sierra, a FIFA Soccer representative who has worked for the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) in Spain and is currently based in the United States. Paul has many connections around the world and is determined to fairly defend the rights of all future members.
  • The AHSA (American Head Sport Advisor) is Claude Anelka, a former French professional soccer player. He is NSPU's primary sports advisor to the task group and also our ambassador to former professional players.
  • The EHSA (European Head Sport Advisor) is Jacques Gallego, a Luxembourgish with Spanish origin and has licenses in Business Soccer and Analytical AI. He is NSPU's chief European sports advisor for our athletes, coaches, and our European ambassador.


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